Outside group spends more than $1 million, including smear of Daniel Valenzuela, in effort to buy mayor’s seat

Phoenix, March 6, 2019 – An outside group involved in the Phoenix Mayoral campaign has now spent more than $1 million to influence the outcome of the race, including misleading attack ads against Daniel Valenzuela, and buy the Mayor’s seat for their preferred candidate. 

Revitalize Arizona, whose ads have been rated as “misleading” by AZ Family and “unbelievable” by the Arizona Republic, continues to funnel special interest money into TV ads as Election Day is just six days away. The group is run by Torres Consulting & Law Group, whose employees are listed as Chairman and Treasurer on campaign finance reports. 

These attacks follow an earlier smear from Bringing Arizona to Action (BAZTA), a dark money organization that previously smeared Valenzuela for his support for first responders and implied Arizona police officers are part of a ”hate group.” BAZTA has yet to file an additional report to reveal where they received funding from for the attack launched in January.

Daniel Valenzuela is focused on spending the last six days of the campaign continuing to meet with people and businesses throughout the community, talking about his priorities for Phoenix – making Phoenix one of the safest communities in the nation, growing and diversifying our economy, investing in smart technology for infrastructure and creating lifelong learning opportunities for our kids.