A message from Daniel Valenzuela: A vision for all Phoenicians

Since we started this campaign nearly 18 months ago, our focus has been on bringing people together and moving Phoenix forward. I’ve focused on the issues most important to Phoenicians and developed substantive solutions on public safety, economic development, infrastructure challenges, and creating more educational opportunities for future generations.

I've held public meet and greets in every district to ask for the votes of Phoenicians of every district, every age, and every political party, because I believe I am the best choice to solve problems and serve as Mayor for all Phoenicians.

While there are differences between me and my opponent, our campaign has focused on the policy issues and my vision for our city.

Over the weekend, I was made aware of an outside group that sent a negative mail piece against my opponent. This campaign has nothing to do with this outside group and has no control over what it does, but I want to be clear: I do not condone that type of divisive, partisan rhetoric.

Tomorrow is election day and this campaign has been the experience of a lifetime. I’ve met some of the smartest entrepreneurs, talented students and brave first responders on the campaign trail, who have shared their inspirational stories. We all have a common connection – we are proud to call Phoenix home.

In the final days we are focused on delivering my vision for Phoenix and sharing my record on City Council. From founding CodePHX, a program that provides free computer coding for Phoenix students, to championing the non-discrimination ordinance that protects the rights of all Phoenicians. I love this city that raised me and made me who I am today: a husband, father, Democrat, and first responder.

In the final hours of the campaign we are hustling to knock on doors, make phone calls, and talk about the future of Phoenix and why I am the best candidate to lead our city into the future.

Remember to drop your ballot or vote at any city polling location tomorrow!

Thank you for standing with me through this incredible journey. None of this would have been possible without your commitment and support.

- Daniel Valenzuela