Daniel Valenzuela most accessible candidate, will be most accessible Mayor

Phoenix, March 1, 2019 – Daniel Valenzuela in his campaign for Phoenix Mayor has proven to be the most accessible candidate in the Phoenix Mayoral race, hosting meet and greets in every council district, and participating in public forums and debates.

 Now, his opponent is dodging voters and declined to participate in televised debates on Channel 10, and Channels 3 and 5. His opponent’s allies are spending more than $500,000 in false attack ads to mislead voters and distract from what really matters in this race: Daniel’s positive record on public safety, education, and job growth. 

As election day nears, Daniel Valenzuela continues to debate the critical issues facing Phoenix, while his opponent has gone into hiding and refuses to answer important questions from voters about her record and opposition to new funding for public safety.

“I have been spending as much time as possible getting out and meeting with as many people and businesses in Phoenix to hear from them what they expect from their city and their Mayor,” said Daniel Valenzuela, former Phoenix City Council member and candidate for Phoenix Mayor. “I will gladly take any opportunity to have those conversations and share my vision for a city focused on increased public safety, and a stronger economy.”

Daniel Valenzuela is proudly supported by the Arizona Police Association, the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona- American Federation of Teachers, multiple valley Mayors and state legislators and dozens of other business and community leaders.

The Phoenix mayoral runoff election will take place on Tuesday, March 12. Read here for more information on the election and when and where to vote.