Longtime Phoenix “practicing citizen” Greta Rogers affirms support

Phoenix, February 26, 2019 – Greta Rogers, a longtime Phoenix resident and of recent internet fame, set the record straight today and announced her support for Daniel Valenzuela for Phoenix Mayor. A $500,000 attack ad that hit airwaves last week not only falsely misleads voters about Daniel Valenzuela, but it uses Phoenix City Council footage of Ms. Rogers without her permission.

 Responding to the use of footage of her in the false attack ad, Ms. Rogers stated, “in capital letters, I do not support Kate Gallego for Mayor of Phoenix. She’s using a video of me that took place at a council meeting about three months ago. It doesn’t mean I support her, because I don’t.”

 Ms. Rogers continues to express her commitment and support, stating that she is endorsing Daniel Valenzuela for Phoenix Mayor, and asking others to vote for him. “In case there’s any confusion, about whom I’m supporting, I’m supporting Daniel Valenzuela. He’s intelligent, he’s honest, and he’s been a contributing council person. He doesn’t just go and sit. I would recommend that they support and vote for Daniel Valenzuela for Mayor.”

 The full video can be viewed here.

 The fact check on the false TV ad can be seen here.