We stand with Daniel Valenzuela

Among the many reasons we strongly support Daniel Valenzuela for Phoenix Mayor is his universal vision of inclusivity, especially when it comes to members of the LGBTQ community. Partnering with Representative Jennifer Longdon, Daniel passed Phoenix’s first anti-discrimination ordinance to protect LGBTQ and other minority groups from hateful and unfair treatment.

From his first day on council, Daniel has always stood up for individual rights of all Phoenix residents.

Daniel Valenzuela is an inclusive leader. Today, we affirm our resolute support of his candidacy because Phoenix deserves a mayor who will fight for all Phoenicians, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identification, race, or socioeconomic status. This election is about vision, and Daniel is the candidate who best understands the diversity of our community and needs of our city. As a father and first-responder, no one is better equipped to face the future challenges of Phoenix.

Please join us in supporting Daniel Valenzuela for Phoenix Mayor. He will create hope, opportunity, and a vision of inclusivity for every Phoenician.

Sincerely, and in the spirit that all are equal regardless of title,

Talonya Adams, Luis Acosta, Ylenia Aguilar, Lela Alston, Richard Andrade, Ray Arvizu, Maria Baier, Kirk Baxter, Janae Ben-Shabat, Peggy Bilstein, Bridget Binsbacher, Paul Boyer, Michael Broadhead, Vernon Busby, Cloves Campbell, Rosanna Castro, Cesar Chavez, Lupe Contreras, Devin Del Palacio, Sara Dial, Fred Duval, Linda Elliott, Diego Espinoza, Melissa Fletcher, Phil Gordon, John Graham, Balbir Grewal, Sharon Harper, Imelda Hartley, Benee Hilton-Spiegel, Paul Johnson, Ron Friesen, Brad Jannenga, Kelly, Karlene Keough-Parks, Tamra Klein, Sheila Kloefkorn, Jennifer Longdon, Rosie Lopez, Marco Lopez, Greg and Bonnie Lynn, Cynthia Malicki, Jim Mapstead, Ray Martinez, Claude Mattox, Robert Meza, Angie Mortemore, Tony Navarrete, Peggy Neely, John Nelson, Tonya Norwood, Cathleen O’Neil Frantz, Jerri Pastor, Laura Pastor, Dena Patton, John Phebus, Monica Pimentel, Jenny Poon, Sherry Rampy, Joanne Romero, Skip Rimsza, Jennifer Rouse, Debra Stark, Sandy Steffens, Mo Stein, Raquel Teran, Linda Thor, Anna Tovar, Lisa Urias, Grant Woods, Brad Wright