Picking new mayor an opportunity for Phoenix

As published in the Phoenix Business Journal February 15, 2019

By Jerry Colangelo

When I first met Daniel Valenzuela, I was impressed to learn that he too had come from humble beginnings. My roots are deep in a Chicago suburb, in an area that was home to poor, working-class immigrants. Daniel was born and raised right here in Phoenix, spending his childhood in similar neighborhoods around Phoenix.

What I heard from Daniel was a passion for his community, and a vision for giving people an opportunity right here in Phoenix, just like it had given him. He has been open with his story about his childhood, and the struggles his family endured, just as he has been open about the number of people and organizations that made it possible for him and his family to get by.

I moved here with my family, and not much else, in the late 60s to start the Phoenix Suns franchise. I recall falling in love with this city almost immediately – it was full of opportunity. Little did I know the impact it would have on so many people here in the valley, including Daniel, who attended his first Phoenix Suns basketball game as a kid thanks to the Boys and Girls Club.

Daniel cares about this city, it’s in his roots, and he cares about the growth and expansion of opportunity for his fellow residents. When he was on the Phoenix City Council he championed a number of programs to support economic development in Phoenix, working hard with the business community to discover ways to allow businesses to thrive, and create jobs and economic prosperity right here in Phoenix.

He continues to sit down with the business community because he cares about the future success of the entrepreneurs and startups, because he sees the potential and opportunity this creates for people to find quality jobs. He has worked hard to be an advocate for the city and its people, promoting Phoenix as an open, welcoming place to do business. And he has touted the deep talent pool that has been a draw for a major tech company boom in downtown Phoenix.

Daniel has dedicated his career and his life to public service. Now, he is seeking our vote to be the next Mayor of Phoenix, where he will carry on that dedication to his community. As Mayor, Daniel will continue to be an ally to business, because he knows that a thriving business sector creates opportunity for the people of this great city.