Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Daniel Valenzuela today announced he will put his firefighter career on hold during his term if elected as Mayor of Phoenix.

“While other candidates for Mayor have outside business and professional obligations and activities, I am making the commitment to put my career as a firefighter on hold because I want the people of Phoenix to know that no one will continue to work harder or work longer hours to keep Phoenix moving in the right direction,” Valenzuela said.

Over the course of the past six years, Valenzuela has served as fulltime member of the Phoenix City Council. He Chaired the Council’s economic development and job creation arm, the Downtown, Aviation, Economy and Innovation Subcommittee. Valenzuela served on virtually every other Council subcommittee. He led numerous issue-specific tasks forces, including one addressing the city’s pension issue, and led efforts to pass a landmark anti-discrimination ordinance, among other challenges. As a result, he has participated in more deliberations and cast more votes on more issues in City Hall during that period than any member of the governing body.  

While carrying out his city responsibilities, he also fulfilled his duties as a 15 year career professional firefighter during his time away from City Hall.  

“From my first day on the job as a firefighter and again when I took the oath as a member of the City Council, my record shows that I have put people first and that will never change,” Valenzuela said.  “Being on the frontline of reality as a firefighter has further instilled in me the importance and value of service, treating all people with dignity and respect, and that giving up is never an option. Serving as a firefighter has made me a better Councilmember and I know it will make me an even better Mayor.”  

“Too many career politicians seek to cash in once they leave public office,” Valenzuela said. “My intentions are quite simple. I plan to resume my career of service as a firefighter when my term as Mayor is completed.”

Daniel Valenzuela is a lifelong Phoenix resident and two-term councilmember. During his tenure in City Hall, he has made job creation, public safety, and expanding opportunity through equality and education a priority. Valenzuela has earned the support of dozens of City of Phoenix elected leaders including former Mayors Paul Johnson, Skip Rimsza, Phil Gordon, and current Phoenix Council members Deb Stark and Laura Pastor. He has been endorsed by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and a wide range of business and pro-working family organizations, the Arizona Federation of Teachers, the Arizona Police Association, Professional Firefighters of Arizona, and numerous business, community and neighborhood leaders from across Phoenix.