Daniel Valenzuela campaign targeted by anti-police group with hit piece

Last night during the Mayoral Candidates Forum on Housing and Homelessness – an incredibly important community conversation – an anti-police group, referred to as Bringing Arizona to Action, distributed an attack piece denouncing Daniel Valenzuela for his support of law enforcement.  

“These offensive materials were left on cars in the parking lot last night by my opponent’s allies, while we were discussing how to address serious issues facing a number of people in our community struggling with mental health, opioid addiction and access to safe housing. We have 500 fewer cops on the streets today than we did 10 years ago and I will not be intimidated by scare tactics that attempt to diminish my support for our police and the resources they need to keep our community safe,” said Daniel Valenzuela, former Phoenix City Council member and candidate for Phoenix Mayor.

Daniel Valenzuela is a long-time public servant proudly endorsed by police, fire, and community and business organizations throughout Phoenix.