Daniel Valenzuela encourages Phoenix City Council to pass Arena deal

Phoenix (January 22, 2019) – Daniel Valenzuela, former Phoenix City Council member and candidate for mayor is encouraging the Phoenix City Council to take action by voting to pass the deal to renovate the Talking Stick Resort Arena during its vote on the issue Wednesday, January 23.

“There is no need for any further delay. The Phoenix City Council should act tomorrow to approve the deal. The Talking Stick Resort Arena is a city owned asset that is an economic anchor in downtown Phoenix. The number of businesses and jobs tied to the activity at the arena is not something to take lightly. Regardless of the tenants, the arena is in need of renovations, and the city has a dedicated fund derived from tourism fees, to consider when negotiating the terms of this deal,” said Phoenix mayoral candidate Daniel Valenzuela.

City of Phoenix has released information to the public that shows the arena produces $335 million in economic impact per year, supports more than 1,100 jobs and draws more than 40 million people a year to downtown Phoenix for the more than 130 events held at the arena each year.

Daniel Valenzuela encourages the Council to weigh the aspects of the current deal and include the following:

  1. Ensure the Suns build the practice facility with community and city input, making it a redevelopment anchor and economic catalyst;

  2. Prioritize hiring local contractors, vendors, and veterans, for both construction and concessions;

  3. And dedicate the arena revenue to public safety, streets, and resources to combat homelessness.

Valenzuela continued by saying, “This is a perfect example of our need for leadership and transparency at City Hall. Simply ignoring the problem does not solve it and will not make it go away. When elected mayor, I will increase transparency and involve the community in these discussions, whether it’s on the arena, water or public safety. Downtown Phoenix is a vibrant part of the community, attractive to residents and visitors, that creates opportunity to promote Phoenix’s quality of life and generates revenue critical to the city.”