Daniel makes public safety a priority.

Being on the frontline of reality as a first responder has made Daniel even more aware that threats to our safety, be it a crime, fire or accidents, don’t discriminate based on what neighborhood we reside in, age, race, gender, religion, income, or sexual orientation. Our public safety professionals need to be there for all of us.

Daniel has brought to City Hall his commitment to service and keeping our neighborhoods safe and vibrant from the unique vantage point of a first responder. He has applied that skillset to nearly every aspect of his work on the City Council. No matter the challenge, Daniel uses his skills as a problem solver and coalition builder to get things done.

In short, Daniel’s public safety experience has made him an even better Councilmember.

And it will make him an even better Mayor.


Bringing Education in our City to the PhoeNEXT Level

As a member of the Phoenix City Council, I have come to realize even more that high-quality education is the single most important element of a city’s success. It offers an opportunity for residents to climb to higher levels in their careers and allows businesses to be created, expand, or relocate to our community. To get to the NEXT level, the City must also take individual steps. This starts with education investment.  

Excellent schools create a world of opportunities for our youth while encouraging families to put down roots in Phoenix. 


Making Phoenix the City of the Next Economy

As Mayor of Phoenix, Daniel Valenzuela will work to create an economic foundation that increases opportunities for our residents and businesses. The economy in Phoenix has undergone a rising, rebounding from a hard-hitting recession to become stronger than ever. However, the work is never truly done, and we must expand on this economic momentum. 

The Valenzuela Jobs Record

As Chair of the Downtown, Aviation, Innovation, and Economy Subcommittee – the City Council’s economic development and job creation arm – Daniel has been a leading force in making Phoenix a national leader in job creation.

Daniel has also been at the forefront in recruiting entrepreneurs and increasing tech job growth. For instance, under his leadership, Phoenix has been number one nationally in tech job growth for two years in a row now, going from 60 downtown tech companies in 2012 to more than 300 today. Additionally, he facilitated the inception of 93 start-ups, 50 incubators and accelerators and, equally important, the recruitment of data science educational institution, Galvanize.

Daniel has championed improvements to our infrastructure and transportation, including re-paving streets and light rail extensions that will enable Phoenix to accommodate new growth and attract businesses an investment.

Daniel’s work with and support of initiatives by higher education institutions, including ASU, the Maricopa County Community Colleges District, and Grand Canyon University, has served to further advance Phoenix as a top-tier destination for entrepreneurial activity, research, and investment.


Daniel Valenzuela has been one of the most forceful education advocates in City Hall. 

In the fall of 2017 and long before the RedForEd movement, Daniel was the only candidate for Mayor to endorse and campaign on behalf of all 12 K-12 school bond and override measures placed before the voters of Phoenix-based school districts to promote children’s well-being, support powerful learning, build teacher capacity, and foster school and community collaboration. And each one was approved. 

Daniel created CodePHX, an innovative public-private partnership that does not use tax dollars, making available free computer coding training to children at every Phoenix community centers and libraries, laying the foundation for their future in our burgeoning tech sector.

In working with the leaders of Grand Canyon University, located in his City Council district, Daniel has helped make GCU one of the nation’s fastest growing institutions of higher learning, while also serving and a stabilizing force in one of Phoenix’s most challenged neighborhood.